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Killing Weeds Effectively

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Killing Weeds

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How to kill onion weed

Onion weed control

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Killing weeds on the lawn

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Maintenance in gardening

Weed Killer Chemical

Australian garden weeds

Garden weeds names

Types of garden weeds

How to get rid of weeds in the garden

Weeding a garden

How to kill weeds

How to get rid of weeds in the garden

Killing Weeds

Lawn weeds identification

Bindii Control

The Science behind Roundup weed killer

Why is Roundup effective?

Roundup Weedkiller - The Versatile Herbicide

Weeding tips : how to kill weeds effectively

How to get rid of garden weeds

Weed killer for lantana plants

Weed killer for onion weed

Weed killer for asparagus plants

Weed killer for paspalum

Weed killer for dandelion plants

Weed killer for stinging nettles

Weed killer for bindii

Weed killer for capeweed

Weed killer for milk thistle

Weed killer for sorrel plants

Weed Killer for lippia

Weed killer for soursob

Weed killer for bridal creeper

How to kill onion weed

Stinging nettle treatment

Lippia in lawn

Paspalum control

Herbicide application


Kill weeds

Weed removal

Identifying weeds

Garden weeding

Get rid of weeds

Garden weeds

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Roundup Gel

How does Roundup Gel kill weeds?

What is Roundup Gel?

Materials Safety Data Sheets

Roundup Weedkiller - The Versatile Herbicide

Monthly guide to garden maintenance

Garden maintenance August

Garden weedkiller products

Garden maintenance September

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Getting started with Roundup Gel

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How to use glyphosate correctly and safely ?

Correctly measuring your glyphosate dose

Something Creeping Up On You?

Look What Some Creep Has Done

Create The Perfect Family Garden

Ivy Becoming A Problem?

Anyone Seen My Bike?

Roundup Weedkiller is Safe to Use

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Our Products

Our Products

Roundup Regular Ready to Use 1.0L

Roundup Fast Action Ready to Use 1.0L

Roundup Regular Ready to Use 3.0L

Roundup Regular Pull 'N Spray 5.0L

Roundup Advance Liquid Concentrate 280ml

Roundup Advance Liquid Concentrate 540ml

Roundup Advance Liquid Concentrate 1000ml

Roundup Herbicide Liquid Concentrate 1000ml

Roundup PowerMAX Liquid Super Concentrate 1000ml

Roundup Classic Gel 150ml

Roundup Fast Action Ready to Use Pump N Go 5.0L

Roundup Fast Action Path and Drive 1.2L

Roundup Concentrate Path and Drive 540ml

Roundup Fast Action Ready to Use Pump N Go 2.5L

Roundup Fast Action Spray Ready 5.0L

Roundup Tough Ready to Use 1.0L

Roundup Tough Liquid Concentrate 540ml

Roundup Videos

Roundup Videos

Roundup Tough

Roundup Fast Action

Roundup Pump N Go Mini

Roundup Mini Pump N Go

Pump N Go Saves Time

Getting Started with Pump N Go

Getting Rid of Bindweed and Sow Thistles

Getting Rid of Weeds in a Lawn

Getting Rid of Weeds in Your Gravel, Patio and by the Shed

Using Roundup Gel to Get Rid of Dandelions

Get Rid of Nettles and Cleavers

Roundup Gel TV Advert

How to use Roundup Gel

Fast Action 5L Pump N'Go

Roundup Advanced Concentrates

Fast Action Roundup

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Roundup application make the stump disappear quickly?

How much Roundup do I need to kill a tree stump or bamboo?

How do I use Roundup Advance Concentrate Weedkiller?

Can Roundup kill tree stumps?

Can a Roundup product kill trees?

How do I get started using my brand new Pump 'N Go Sprayer?

How do I get the lid off of my Pump 'N Go Sprayer?

Why is it that I can't pump my Pump 'N Go Sprayer as many times when it's full then when it's not full?

What should I do if the spray button on the wand sticks in the "on" position and won't stop spraying?

What should I do if my Pump 'N Go Sprayer has a weak spray?

What should I do if the wand won't spray; there is no tension in the spray button?

What should I do if my Pump 'N Go sprayer won't hold/build pressure?

Can I treat GEL when it is windy?

Can I keep Roundup Gel until next year?

How does Gel kill the weed?

Is there a video of how to use Roundup Gel?

The print on the label is quite small, can I see a label in your website?

When is the best time of the year to treat weeds with Roundup Gel?

Why is there a silver foil under the blue cap?

What makes Gel so precise?

Does Gel have any colour?

How do I open the Gel applicator?

Can Roundup products kill birds?

Why should we control weeds?

What is a weed?

Some weeds are irritants - is that true?

What is an annual weed?

What is a perennial weed?

Can I use Roundup Concentrates in a watering can?

How much Roundup concentate do I need to use in my sprayer?

When is it safe for my children to play out again after using Roundup products?

Can I use Roundup products in my garden if I have cats or dogs?

Will Roundup kill earthworms?

Can Roundup products kill Bees?

Are the Roundup products approved by a the government authority?

Do I need to wear protective clothing when using Roundup products?

Will Roundup kill my fish?

Can I use Roundup products on weeds in my pond?

Can Roundup travel from the roots of the weed to the roots of the plants I want to keep?

What is the active ingredient of Roundup?

What is a residual weedkiller?

What is a contact weedkiller?

What does "systemic" mean?

Can I keep left over diluted Roundup Concentrate product in my tank sprayer until next time I use it?

Can I keep left over Roundup Ready to use until next year?

Can I keep left over un-diluted Roundup Concentrate until next year?

What should I do if I accidentally get Roundup on the plants I want to keep?

Can I apply Roundup products if it's raining or rain is expected soon?

Can I apply Roundup products if it's windy?

How long does it take for a Roundup product to enter a weed?

What are the origins of Roundup?

Can I put it on stronger? Will that work better?

Does the Concentrate need using up straight away after mixing?

Difference between Ready to Use & Concentrate?

How long does it need before rainfall?

Does it harm the soil, persist in the soil, poison ground etc..?

Can it be used on paving?

Will it kill tough weeds such as Lantana?

Will it kill ivy?

Will it kill moss or algae?

Why has it killed the grass?

Will it kill grass?

Why have weeds re-grown after several weeks?

When can I replant/reseed after use?

When can my children/pets return to the treated area?

Why aren’t my weeds dead yet?

Our Guide to Garden Weeds

Our Guide to Garden Weeds


Golden bamboo

Broad - Leaved Privet

Small-Leaved Privet





Pampas Grass & Pink Pampas Grass

Wandering Trad

Stinging Nettle

Paspalum, Dallis Grass

Angled onion, Stinking onion

Onion grass

Mullumbimby Couch (C Brevifolius)

Purple Nut Grass


Docks, Sorrel

Ox - Eye Daisy

Bridal Creeper

Blue Morning Glory

Black Nightshade


Asthma Weed

Asparagus fern, Sprenger's asparagus

African Boxthorn

Common Sowthistle or Milk Thistle


Bindii, Jo-Jo

UK - News

Summer garden fun

Blackberry invasions

Taking care of tomatoes

November planting

Stubborn tree stumps? Use Systemic root killer

Protection in October

What is the best time to kill weeds?

Early spring detox for your garden

Flower Power

Pruning and sowing for summer growth

Killing weeds in lawns and grass

Winter planting, harvesting, garden maintenance

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