Kills Weeds Not Lawns

Visible Results in 7 Days

Don’t wait weeks to see results, ROUNDUP® for Lawns new breakthrough formulation delivers visible results in 7 days.

Buffalo Friendly

Suitable for all lawns! Unlike other Lawn Weedkillers, this formulation is safe for Buffalo lawns.

1L Ready To Go

The 1L sprayer is ideal for spot-spraying small weed problems. This tough formulation kills just the weeds and not your lawn.

2.5L Pump ‘N Go

The Pump ’N Go sprayer gives you up to 3 minutes of continuous spray. The spray pattern can also be adjusted at the nozzle. Ideal size for the average backyard. Refillable options are available for larger areas.

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How is ROUNDUP® For lawns different from regular roundup?

ROUNDUP® for Lawns is a selective herbicide, which will kill weeds but is also safe to use on lawns. It does not contain Glyphosate*. Other ROUNDUP® products such as Fast Action and All Purpose ROUNDUP® contain a non-selective herbicide which kills weeds and grasses.


See visible results on common lawn broadleaf weeds including Clover, Bindii, Plantain and Dandelion in 7 days.


ROUNDUP® for Lawns can be applied on all common lawn varieties such as Buffalo, Couch, Kikuyu & Zoysia.


Suitable for refilling the ROUNDUP® For Lawns 2.5L Pump ‘N Go sprayer or for use in your dedicated weed kill garden sprayer.

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How it works

ROUNDUP® for Lawns is easy to use. This spot spray contains a blue marker so you can see exactly where you have sprayed. The dye marker is UV sensitive and will fade within a couple of hours.

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