When to spray Roundup

It is important to choose the right time to apply weedkiller to achieve the best results.
The best time to apply is when the leaves are green and growing, typically in the spring and summer.

Check the weather forecast

Choose a calm, dry day to apply your Roundup.

Don’t apply when it’s windy
Drift may damage plants that you don’t want to kill.
Don’t apply when it’s raining.
If you have treated the weeds with Roundup Ready to Use products, and it rains within 30 minutes of application, repeat treatment may be necessary. If you have used Roundup Concentrate products, and it rains within 2 hours, repeat treatment may be necessary.
Don’t apply in very cold conditions
Don’t apply in very hot conditions
Don’t apply to drought-stressed plants or weeds

Ensure that you apply Roundup to the leaves

It is important to ensure that you spray the entire leaf, but try to avoid run off.

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