How to use Roundup

Where are your weeds?

Roundup is very easy to use and kills all known common weeds in most cases. If you have a weed you want to get rid of, simply point and spray. For more specific weed killing, such as within flowerbeds or on your lawn, Roundup Gel is ideal as it can be used with extreme precision.
To find out more about common household weeding areas and the best product for each see below:

The best selling weedkiller on earth is proven on paths and pavements.

Our Ready to Use products, such as Pull & Spray and Pump ‘N Go, are perfect for dealing with those troublesome weeds that spring up between pavers.

Weeds can turn a driveway into a real eyesore.

But, Roundup provides a quick and easy solution making the removal of driveway weeds virtually effortless.
Our Ready to Use products will give you a narrow and concentrated jet that’s perfect for targeting the individual weeds that can grow between paving.

Whether it’s to remove weeds from the flowerbed, lawn or borders, trust Roundup to provide a quick and highly efficient solution.

Our liquid concentrates represent excellent value for money if you need to weed a large area. While our wide range of Ready to Use products is ideal when you need to remove weeds without affecting surrounding plant growth.

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