ROUNDUP® Total Weedkiller 2.5L Pump ‘N Go

  • Fast 1 hour knockdown
  • Kills the roots, so the weeds don’t come back
  • Breakthrough Formulation
  • Convenient and ready to use in larger areas
  • Spot spray pesky weeds in rockeries and along driveways and pathways
  • Kills common broadleaf weeds and grasses, including wintergrass, paspalum, bindii, dandelion and clover.

The breakthrough formulation of Roundup Total Weedkiller provides speed, efficacy and root kill, so that the weeds don’t come back.

Roundup Total Weedkiller targets and controls a wide range of common grasses and broadleaf weeds including clover, bindii, dandelion, plantain and oxalis. The best part? Knockdown results are visible in just 1 hour!

Ready to use and convenient solution for effectively eradicating weeds along fences, lawn edges and driveways. Also, works for spot treatment of weeds in rockeries and garden beds.

The Pump ‘N Go Sprayer offers 3 minutes of continuous spraying. Once empty, no need to throw away the bottle, simply re-use it with Roundup Total Weedkiller 2.5L Refill.

Safe for pets and children to re-enter the treated area once the spray has dried.

NOT to be used on lawns. Use Roundup for Lawns to kill lawn weeds, but not the grass.