Weed tips

  • The first of the winter weeds will be starting to make an appearance now, as the weather cools. Winter Grass in lawns is often problematic. To control, apply a spot treatment of Roundup Ready-to-Use as soon as plants are noticed. Avoid spray drift on to the surrounding lawn.

Garden maintenance in April

  • Continue planting spring bulbs – all (apart from tulips) should be in before the end of the month
  • Place tulip bulbs in the vegetable crisper section of the refrigerator (NOT the freezer section) for an enforced chilling period of about five or six weeks
  • Give winter vegetables an application of Miracle-Gro MaxFeed Water Soluble Fertiliser for Tomatoes and Vegetables to keep them growing strongly
  • Keep ponds clear of falling leaves and other debris that may cause water quality to deteriorate
  • Stake chrysanthemums to stop stems breaking under the weight of blooms
  • Rake up autumn leaves and either add to compost or spread over garden beds to form leaf mould – no more than 10cm deep 



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