Weed tips

  • Winter is the best time to clear out overgrown garden beds and start preparing soil for planting deciduous trees and shrubs. For large areas, spray the entire bed with Roundup and leave undisturbed until weeds have died off completely. There is no need to rake off dead weeds because Roundup breaks down within a couple of weeks, after which soil may be dug over.
  • Spot spray weeds in other areas, taking care not to get any Roundup on plants you wish to retain.

Garden maintenance in June

  • Prepare soil for planting bare-rooted roses and other deciduous trees and shrubs, which will be available from the middle of the month
  • Start pruning roses and deciduous fruiting trees from mid-June. Do NOT prune deciduous  ornamentals (flowering cherries and plums) that produce their blossom in late winter or early spring – wait until after flowering has finished
  • Dip pruning tools in a mild bleach solution between plants to reduce the spread of diseases from one plant to the next
  • Winter vegies like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and sprouts will be maturing – harvest as required
  • Aerate lawns with a stout pronged or hollow-tine fork or mechanical aerator to improve moisture penetration and drainage, reduce compaction and provide oxygen to grass roots
  • Correct the acidity in lawns from regular applications of fertiliser with a generous application of garden lime. Allow winter rains to wash it in.


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