Correctly measuring your glyphosate dose

Glyphosate Dosage

When mixed with the correct dosages, glyphosate is extremely effective at permanent weed removal for everything that’s invading your garden – from the most delicate to the toughest weeds, like bamboo or blackberry, and even tree stumps.
Once you have identified which Roundup weedkiller you need with our Product Selector, it couldn’t be easier. The correct dosages and mixing instructions are always clearly marked on the product labels to help you get the most of your Roundup garden product and get rid of weeds for good.

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Read the labels carefully to ensure that you use just the right amount

As the most effective weedkiller around, every Roundup garden product is made with glyphosate and as such each one comes labelled with detailed instructions and information regarding its correct and safe usage. Although safety approved glyphosate products like Roundup are harmless to people and animals when correctly used, it is important to carefully read all the information on the labels.

It is important, for example, to give the product a little time to absorb before letting children and pets back in to the treated area. Following the instructions on your Roundup product will ensure that you, your family and your pets can enjoy a garden free of unsightly weeds with peace of mind.


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