How to use glyphosate correctly and safely ?

How effective is glyphosate ?

Glyphosate is the go-to garden product of many an experienced gardener when it comes to weeding simply because it is the most effective. When used in the correct dosages in chemical weedkillers, it is absorbed into the weed upon contact with its leaves, and works its way through the stem, roots and shoots to ensure the unwanted garden invader is gone permanently. Weed removal has never been so simple, especially with Roundup’s guide to help you identify which products you need.

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Choosing the right glyphosate product for your garden

For permanent and efficient weed removal, a glyphosate-based weedkiller is indispensable. All Roundup garden products are carefully dosed to ensure safety and, correctly used, glyphosate neutralizes on contact with soil, meaning that your garden remains child and pet friendly. How can you be sure to use Roundup’s products correctly for safe but effective weed removal ?

It’s simple. All you have to do is consult our easy to use mixing guide to help you prepare your concentrate. For our ready to use products, our Size Estimator will help you to determine which Roundup spray or gel will best cover the area you need.

Need more information about the use and efficiency of glyphosate and Roundup Products ?

Glyphosate Herbicides

Identifying Your Weeds

Effective Weed Removal

Correctly measuring your glyphosate dose

For more information on why Roundup is so effective without posing a danger to your plants, children and pets, read our article “How Roundup Works”.

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