Weed tips

  • Autumn is a great time to eradicate all weeds from the garden. Treat entire overgrown areas with Roundup and spot spray individual weeds growing among other plants – avoid spray drift by using a shield (sheet of cardboard) to protect them. A spot treatment with Roundup will clear weeds from paths and terraces. Wait until the weeds are dead (up to two weeks), before sweeping away the debris.
  • Be aware that, as temperatures cool, Roundup will take longer to work.

Garden maintenance in May

  • Plant tulip bulbs in the next couple of weeks. Ensure all are in the ground before the end of the month
  • Place frost protection over sensitive plants – a few sheets of newspaper will do the trick short-term, or erect temporary shelters using garden stakes and shade cloth
  • Move potted plants on decks and balconies to protected areas where they will not be exposed to cold winds – an east or north aspect is ideal where they will receive morning sun
  • Clean and sharpen blades of secateurs, loppers and saws in preparation for winter pruning. Do not prune yet – roses and deciduous trees and shrubs should be left until mid to late June  
  • Cut back chrysanthemums and dahlias when flowering is finished, to encourage new shoot production from ground level. These shoots may be cut and struck as cuttings next spring
  • Protect vegetable and winter/spring flowering annuals from slugs and snails


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