Weed tips

  • Sweep and clean paths, patios and drives so debris does not form a seed bed for weeds. Control weeds between pavers or on paths and driveways with Roundup Fast Action

Garden maintenance in February

  • Continue treating weeds around the garden with Roundup.
  • Some weeds are also hosts for insects that may decimate vegetables, so keep the vegie patch clear too
  • Summer prune roses to encourage an autumnal flush of growth and blooms – cut lightly!
  • Take semi-mature cuttings of evergreen shrubs – current season’s growth with a heel of older wood will strike best
  • Harvest fruits and vegetables as they ripen – don’t allow them to over-ripen or rot as they may harbour pests and diseases
  • After heavy spring and summer use, service your lawn mower (hose out underneath, sharpen and tighten or replace blades, change oil and spark plug) and clean all other tools
  • Sow seeds of winter vegetables in seed trays and keep moist but not wet.

Discover the whole range of Roundup Weedkillers

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3 simple steps

  1. Measure the area you need to cover Use our quick and easy to use size calculator
  2. Watch our easy to follow video tutorials View our video tutorial library
  3. Buy the right Roundup for you Select your dispenser and purchase here



What are the origins of Roundup?

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Roundup was first developed for the agricultural industry to help farmers overcome large-scale problems with weeds. This same science and technology has been applied to create a range of weed killing products ideal for domestic use. So, rest easy in the knowledge that you’re using the weed killer the professionals use.


Can I put it on stronger? Will that work better?

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We have carefully calculated the best rates at which to apply for each type of weed problem. Applying at a strong rate is not recommended and will not result in better performance. Please ensure that you read the label before use and use pesticides safely.


Does the Concentrate need using up straight away after mixing?

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It’s always good practice to only mix up what you need for that treatment, but you can retain the unused solution for up to a week, since a gradual loss of activity will occur. Make sure that you store any weedkiller safely away from the reach of children and pets.

Why to choose Roundup Weedkiller


Use the strongest weed killer to get rid of tough garden weeds

Thanks to glyphosate, Roundup has an effective weed killing action


Buy a cheap, but very strong weed killer for your garden maintenance

Roundup Garden products are available in all garden centers.


Use the strongest weed killer to get rid of tough garden weeds

Thanks to glyphosate, Roundup has an effective weed killing action!

Where can I buy Roundup Weedkiller

Roundup Weedkillers are available in all garden centers

How can I choose the best weedkiller

Weeds come in all shapes and sizes. And so does Roundup, the AU’s best selling weedkiller.

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