Weed tips

  • Mid winter is the ideal time to review permanent plantings (trees and shrubs) and to eliminate those not performing well, as well as those overcrowding other plantings. Cut trunks about 10-15cm above ground level and apply Roundup immediately to the fresh cut. This will be absorbed while sap is still flowing through the roots and will kill them. If required, stumps may be dug out later or left in the ground to rot away.

Garden maintenance in July

  • Continue planting bare-rooted roses and other deciduous trees and shrubs
  • Finish all winter pruning tasks by the end of the month
  • Apply a fungicidal spray after pruning to kill over-wintering spores in bud scales and bark
  • Continue turning soil over in bare beds in preparation for spring planting. Do not work wet soils – wait until they have dried out a little before digging
  • Check winter vegetables for pest attack, especially aphids, and apply a safe insecticide if necessary. Aphids can often be removed by blasting with a hose. 


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