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Weeds on the lawn

Weeds on lawns must be managed if you want to keep your grass green and dense Plantains and other broad-leaved weeds are amongst the most complicated weeds to deal with.…
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Blackberry Plants

The Origins of the Blackberry Plant in Australia Despite producing tasty fruit, the Blackberry bush is not a gardener’s friend. The plant was introduced to Australia by early European settlers, keen to…
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Killing weeds on the lawn

To kill weeds on the lawn requires starting from the basics To kill weeds and ensure they do not return requires starting from the very basics. Proper lawn care is…
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Remove weeds from lawn

To remove weeds from your lawn, opt for the best weed killer To remove weeds from your lawn permanently without harming the turf, opt for the best weed killer for grass. High…
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Weeding tips : how to kill weeds effectively

Which product should I use to remove weeds from my garden?   When killing weeds, nothing can replace a good weed killer. Herbicides can have different effects on unwanted plants.In…
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What is Roundup Gel?

To put it simply, Roundup Gel is a revolution in weed control. Many gardeners don’t use weedkiller sprays or watering cans as the risk of damaging the plant you want…
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Killing weeds in lawns and grass

Eradicating weeds from  the lawn can be a daunting task, particularly if your lawn is overrun with them. However, ignoring lawn weeds can lead to the problem getting out of…
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