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Paspalum killer

Chemical Paspalum Killer Paspalum is a tall weed grass which can grow up to 2m in height and can make an unsightly addition to a lawn. Although there are dedicated paspalum…
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Weeding tips : how to kill weeds effectively

Which product should I use to remove weeds from my garden?   When killing weeds, nothing can replace a good weed killer. Herbicides can have different effects on unwanted plants.In…
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How to get rid of garden weeds

Getting rid of weeds Getting rid of weeds is a necessary part of maintaining your garden. While some weeds are just a nuisance, others can take over your garden and…
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Weed killer for paspalum

Weed killer for paspalum Paspalum is perennial weed which means that it regrows season after season. It is a tall grass which can grow up to 2m. Manually removing the…
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Paspalum control

Paspalum control Paspalum is a tall grass that can reach a height of 2 metres. It can be a nusiance to get rid of as it holds to the ground…
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Herbicide application

Herbicide application Using herbicides is an easy and practical way of treating the weeds in your garden. By working down to the roots of the weed, Roundup kills the whole…
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