Mullumbimby Couch (C Brevifolius)

Mullumbimby Couch (C Brevifolius) Find a Weed

Mullumbimby Couch is a slender perennial sedge usually around 15cm high. However, in moist places it may reach more than 30cm high. It has very long slender creeping pinkish brown underground stems with roots below every stem. Its leaves are shiny green, narrow and channelled. Its stems, which normally produce a single flower head, are triangular in cross-section and smooth. Occasionally, one stem may have one or two subsidiary flower heads. The flower head is green and egg-shaped, with around 100 tiny flowers per head and it protrudes above the plant. Its fruit is a tiny pear-shaped nut yellow-brown in colour. It spreads easily under quite dense vegetation in moist locations. Control requires removal of all rhizomes.

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