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Killing Weeds Effectively

Say goodbye to undesirable garden weeds by choosing the best weed and grass killer! Nothing can replace good gardening advice from an expert. Here gardeners will find hints and useful…
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Killing Garden Weeds

Do weeds kill other plants? The answer is yes. If you discover unwanted weeds in your garden, it is important that you react rapidly, taking the correct precautions. Weeds may…
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How to kill weeds permanently

How to kill weeds permanently? In knowing how to kill weeds permanently, the first step is to become familiar with the different types of weeds and weed treatments. However, prior to…
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Lantana Plant

The Origins of the Lantana Plant Notoriously difficult to eradicate, the subspecies of Lantana plant Lantana Camara or West Indian Lantana, has become one of the most widespread invasive species of flora…
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How to kill onion weed

Killing Onion Weed Onion Weed is a persistent, perennial bulb-type weed. Easily detected by the pungent onion-like odour that it gives off, especially after mowing, it is a cosmopolitan weed the…
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Paspalum killer

Chemical Paspalum Killer Paspalum is a tall weed grass which can grow up to 2m in height and can make an unsightly addition to a lawn. Although there are dedicated paspalum…
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Weed removal

Manual Weed Removal Some weeds are best removed through manual weed removal, usually with a hoe or similar tool. However, some weeds are not suitable to remove in this way, and…
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How to get rid of weeds in the garden

How to get rid of weeds in the garden poses a challenge to all gardeners The answer to this question depends on the type of weed and area of garden. Different techniques…
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Weeding a garden

Weeding a garden can be a challenging task Weeding a garden can be a challenging task; however, it is also an indispensable one as there are very few gardens which remain…
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How to kill weeds

Choosing the Best Method to Kill Weeds There are several different approaches which can be taken to the killing of weeds in the garden. Yet this multitude of options can be…
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Weeding tips : how to kill weeds effectively

Which product should I use to remove weeds from my garden?   When killing weeds, nothing can replace a good weed killer. Herbicides can have different effects on unwanted plants.In…
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Kill weeds

How to kill weeds In order to keep your garden neat, it is important to weed it regularly. By weeding it regularly, you can avoid weeds becoming too established and…
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Correctly measuring your glyphosate dose

Glyphosate Dosage When mixed with the correct dosages, glyphosate is extremely effective at permanent weed removal for everything that’s invading your garden – from the most delicate to the toughest…
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