What is Roundup Gel?

To put it simply, Roundup Gel is a revolution in weed control. Many gardeners don’t use weedkiller sprays or watering cans as the risk of damaging the plant you want to keep is too great, so they have to resort to pulling them out by hand or digging up the deeper rooted weeds. This is especially true in flower beds and borders, vegetable plots and where there are creeping weeds like bindweed, amongst flowers and shrubs.
The problem with digging or pulling by hand is that if you don’t get all of the root system out, there is a good chance that the weed will grow back, so you will have to do it all over again. If you try to pull out or dig out some weeds, when disturbed, they can spread seeds around the flower bed and veg plot and germinate dozens of new weeds suffocating wanted plants, using up nutrients, light and water.
The award winning Roundup Gel is perfect for solving this problem due to its unique formulation and the design of its easy to use applicator. With just one hand you can easily target the weed without risk to other nearby plants and the gel formulation sticks to the weed leaf and stays there, so there’s no dripping or running off onto the soil or your treasured plants and vegetables. With extra care you can even target weeds in lawns!
Roundup Gel kills weeds from the inside, right down to the roots, so that the weed can’t grow back. And because Roundup only works inside the weed this leaves the soil free for use and replanting, how cool is that?

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