Create The Perfect Family Garden

Create a family garden

Your garden can easily be made into an extra outdoor 'room' for children, and adults alike, to enjoy. It can be a space for adults to relax while youngsters can play energetically - and safely.

Creating this space doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming. A few simple steps and a little bit of time can be all that is needed to transform a boring space into an exciting one where you family can flourish.
Try not to think of this new room just as a space to play, consider it a learning area. A place where you and your family can learn about the outdoors, creepy crawlies and grow your own produce. It doesn't just have to be a huge trampoline and worn lawns because of too many ball games.

The following hints and tips should give you a few ideas to get you started...

  • Kids only areas - give the children their own area to garden where they can plant their own flowers and vegetables. If money allows, you could also buy them their own tools, but plastic spoons and forks are just as effective. It is easy to lose hours in the garden hunting for mini beasts together!
  • Plant big and small! - Children love extremes and it lets their creativity shine - think shrubs with huge leaves and tomato plants with small cherry tomatoes.
  • Compost - encourage the children to collect vegetable peel, coffee grounds, eggshells and grass cuttings so they can learn about sustainability in a fun way!
  • Read - use blogs, websites and books to get inspiration or handy hints and tips on what you can do in the garden.
  • Get dirty - don't worry about getting covered in mud or the odd plant getting trampled on. Both will recover.
  • Build a den - whether it be a permanent structure or a tepee made with a sheet and some bamboo, a hideaway gives the younger members of the family their own space and can spark the imagination.
  • Add colour - try and plant flowers and shrubs that have big bold primary blooms and/or foliage.
  • Attract wildlife - a simple bird feeder will encourage our feathered friends to visit.
  • Pet areas - if you have a dog, consider leaving a small area overgrown that they can dig in while also teaching them not to target the flower beds!
The most important thing to remember in your family garden is to make sure that it is safe for everyone to enjoy. Avoid areas of water if some family members are particularly young and ensure there are 'soft' landing areas should a child fall from play equipment.
Overgrown ivy, brambles and other weeds can create trip hazards and give nasty scratches or allergic reactions. Some weeds in particular can be poisonous when ingested by humans or animals - not only that they can look unsightly and ruin what you have created if left to run riot.
The best way to deal with all weed problems in the garden is with Roundup. Whether you have tough weeds such as ivy, blackberry or lantana, or common weeds like onion grass and dandelions, Roundup has the perfect product available to tackle the problem.

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