Why is Roundup effective?


Thanks to advanced weedkilling technology, honed over many years in the agricultural industry, Roundup is one of the effective weedkillers on earth – yet extremely safe, too, when used responsibly in accordance with the instructions.
Incorporating a smart systemic action, Roundup is absorbed through the leaves of a weed and carried down to its growing points. The only damage done is to the weed, as Roundup actually deactivates upon contact with soil and is then degraded into it by micro organisms. In other words, Roundup maximises the impact on the weed, at the same time as minimising the effect on the surrounding environment.
Roundup’s ability to deactivate upon contact with soil means that, once it has dried on the targeted leaves, you can let the children and pets loose again in the areas where treatment has taken place.
Additionally, because it’s absorbed immediately into the weed and degrades in the soil, Roundup allows you to go ahead with new plantings the very next day, if you wish.
The same combination of high efficiency and utmost care and concern for safety extends to the packaging and design of our products. For instance, the broad range of Roundup Ready to Use products, including Pump ‘N Go and Pull & Spray, incorporates spray systems that are unique to Roundup, and child-resistant triggers and closures.

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