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  • QWhy has it killed the grass?
  • A Because Roundup is a non selective weedkiller, that means that Roundup is very effective… read more
  • QWill it kill grass?
  • A Yes, Roundup kills grasses very effectively. It’s ideal for killing an old lawn in… read more
  • QWhy have weeds re-grown after several weeks?
  • A Only deep-rooted rhizomatous weeds may re-grow. This will only happen if too little Roundup… read more
  • QWhen can I replant/reseed after use?
  • A Roundup is only active in plants and is deactivated on contact with the soil.… read more
  • QWhen can my children/pets return to the treated area?
  • A When Roundup has been absorbed by the leaf, the residue will dry. When the… read more
  • QWhy aren’t my weeds dead yet?
  • A This is all to do with the way Roundup gets to work on weeds.… read more

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