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  • QWhat are the origins of Roundup?
  • A Roundup was first developed for the agricultural industry to help farmers overcome large-scale problems… read more
  • QCan I put it on stronger? Will that work better?
  • A We have carefully calculated the best rates at which to apply for each type… read more
  • QDoes the Concentrate need using up straight away after mixing?
  • A It’s always good practice to only mix up what you need for that treatment,… read more
  • QDifference between Ready to Use & Concentrate?
  • A Roundup Liquid Concentrates need to be diluted in water before use with a dedicated… read more
  • QHow long does it need before rainfall?
  • A Roundup Ready to Use products are rainfast after 30 minutes. Roundup Concentrates are also… read more
  • QDoes it harm the soil, persist in the soil, poison ground etc..?
  • A Roundup is only active in plants and is deactivated on contact with the soil.… read more
  • QCan it be used on paving?
  • A Roundup is ideal for use on paving, paths and driveways, as it penetrates right… read more
  • QWill it kill tough weeds such as Lantana?
  • A Spraying the entire plant (foliar spraying) usually kills plants that are less than 2… read more
  • QWill it kill ivy?
  • A Although difficult to kill completely, you can control Ivy with Roundup. Spray new, soft… read more
  • QWill it kill moss or algae?
  • A No. Use a product that is specially formulated to kill moss and algae. read more

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