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Frequently Asked Questions

  • QDoes Gel have any colour?
  • A No, it's a clear Gel.   read more
  • QHow do I open the Gel applicator?
  • A Squeeze the 2 blue cap lips at the side of the bottle and lift… read more
  • QCan Roundup products kill birds?
  • A When applied according to label recommendations, there is no risk for birds, bees nor… read more
  • QWhy should we control weeds?
  • A Weeds may be unwanted for a number of reasons: they might be unsightly, or… read more
  • QWhat is a weed?
  • A Generally, a weed is a plant in an undesired place. More specifically, the term… read more
  • QSome weeds are irritants - is that true?
  • A Some weeds are a nuisance because they have thorns or prickles, some have chemicals… read more
  • QWhat is an annual weed?
  • A Annual weeds life cycle is one growing season. They grow and set seed… read more
  • QWhat is a perennial weed?
  • A Perennial weeds can be a real problem as they are able to survive for… read more
  • QCan I use Roundup Concentrates in a watering can?
  • A Yes, you can. But its a less efficient way to apply a weedkiller. It… read more
  • QHow much Roundup concentate do I need to use in my sprayer?
  • A This depends on which Roundup product you are using and what type of weed… read more

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