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  • QWhat should I do if the wand won't spray; there is no tension in the spray button?
  • A Make sure the wand is fully extended. You can extend the wand by pushing… read more
  • QWhat should I do if my Pump 'N Go sprayer won't hold/build pressure?
  • A Make sure the pump/lid is screwed on very tight. If it's not tight enough… read more
  • QCan I treat GEL when it is windy?
  • A Yes, but care should be taken that the treated leaves are not brought into… read more
  • QCan I keep Roundup Gel until next year?
  • A Yes you can. You should keep it securely closed, in its original container with… read more
  • QHow does Gel kill the weed?
  • A Roundup Gel - like all Roundup weed killers - is quite smart in the… read more
  • QThe print on the label is quite small, can I see a label in your website?
  • A Yes you can, and you can download, enlarge  and print it, it if you… read more
  • QWhen is the best time of the year to treat weeds with Roundup Gel?
  • A Apply at any time when the weeds are actively growing and have adequate leaf… read more
  • QWhy is there a silver foil under the blue cap?
  • A The silver foil is there to show that the bottle has not been previously… read more
  • QWhat makes Gel so precise?
  • A You can easily target very small weeds with Roundup Gel; it's almost like touching… read more

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