What is the best time to kill weeds?

What is the best time to kill weeds?

When it comes to every gardener’s worst enemy - weeds - prevention is always better than cure! A major part of everyone's gardening time is taken up by dealing with weeds, and  Spring can be a busy time  for both them and you. With that said, the beginning of September is a great time to start tackling  weeds. As they start to appear,  keep one step ahead of them before they take over!


It’s weeding time

The beginning of  Spring is a great time to tackle this pesky job. Weeds are starting to wake up after the winter and are actively seeking nutrients in the soil. This means they are more vulnerable to a weedkiller like Roundup, which passes through the leaves and goes straight to the root, eradicating the weed before it has a chance to propagate.

Controlling weeds now will  prevent the dissemination of seed pods and airborne seeds that appear during late summer. Early treatment  will also attack them before their roots spread too far in the soil, meaning there is less chance of  leaving any behind  to regrow.


Cleaning paved areas and borders

Keep an eye on areas the vegie patch too. Paths, patios, paved areas and driveways are all key areas where weeds like to grow. They can be very obvious and spoil the ambiance you are trying to create in your outdoor environment. To ensure everyone can admire your house and garden, continuous weed treatments are necessary. Short-term solutions include suffocating weeds by placing blocks of wood or large rocks over them, pouring boiling water on them or pulling them out by hand. Unfortunately tubers and roots are often left behind when hand weeding, meaning they are sure to pop up again later! Instead, using a glyphosate-based weed killer with a spray bottle can be a great way to treat all the paved and bricked areas around your house. Once cleared, placing salt in between pavers can also help to prevent these nasty pests from returning.  

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