Stubborn tree stumps? Use Systemic root killer

Stubborn tree stumps? Use Systemic root killer

When summer rolls around you want to enjoy the hard work and time you have spent on preparing and maintaining your garden. A beautiful garden can  be rewarding so it would be a shame to spoil the view with an ugly tree stump. Dealing with stubborn stumps doesn’t have to be difficult though! There are several ways you can kill off tree stumps, bringing your garden back to its true glory.

I)                   The trouble with tree stumps..

A tree stump in your garden is difficult to ignore and can spoil the well-maintained surrounds you have been working hard to create. Moreover, they can be troublesome and create more work for you if not dealt with early. If you allow new shoots to grow, you will have to cut them back again. Dead stumps can attract diseases or host insects that breed in the decaying wood and may move on to healthy plants. Stumps can also  host moulds and fungi. 

II)                 Killing off tree stumps

Removing unsightly tree stumps can be done in a couple of ways. Although costly, professional tree surgeons can be called in to remove the remaining stump or you can hire a stump muncher to do the job yourself. A more cost-effective way is to kill the stump yourself, using a strong tree stump and root killer. The best product for dealing with this is a glyphosate based product.  It will be most effective on a freshly cut stump as the living wood allows the product to be absorbed right to the root. To help the product penetrate further and faster, drill holes in the top of the stump and in any large visible roots. Apply the undiluted product to the cut surface of the stump, paying special attention to the outer perimeter directly inside the bark ring (the cambium or actively growing layer),  and pour a little in each hole you have drilled. In a few weeks the tree stump will be completely dead and you can begin removing it.  

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