Protection in October

Protection in October

Your garden is your pride and joy, which means you need to protect it from the many elements and invaders that can do it damage. From intruders who use up vital resources to the weather that damages your plants, there are many fronts that the valiant gardener must defend. Your vegetables and flowers depend on you to survive throughout the harsh times, so you need to be well-informed and well-armed with the most efficient defence systems you can provide.


I)                   Elements

Dealing with the elements is all about keeping informed about the weather. Weekly weather updates will give you an idea about what your garden has to face over the coming days.

During early spring, set up wind breaks to protect newly planted and sensitive plants, as wind stunts growth and can shred plants.  An overnight cold snap could irreparably damage your plants. Cover frost-sensitive and young plants to protect them overnight by  setting up plastic covers that retain heat to ensure the frost won’t kill off your precious little  seedlings!

In early Spring,  prepare for summer and consider what can be done before the heat arrives. Build temporary shades that you can install as soon as the sun starts to heat up. If you live in an area with severe water restrictions, think about installing drip systems before plants start filling out the garden and perhaps install a rain water tank to catch the spring falls.


II)                 Invasions and intruders

As always, weed patrol is a major part of protecting your garden. Start spraying now to gain control over weeds before the dryer months and summer seeding starts.

This is your last chance to remove dead winter growth from trees and bushes. Doing this helps to avoid disease, rot or bacteria from spreading in healthy plants, especially during  humid and warm spring months when conditions are perfect. Protect your garden against slugs and snails that are coming out of hiding thanks to the wet weather and are targeting your immature plants. Finally, if you have either tomatoes or roses in your garden, eradicating milk thistle growing in or around your garden is a great way to protect against aphids  as this pesky weed both attracts and hosts them. Hoe it out or use a weedkiller to stop it from spreading. 

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