November planting

November planting

Spring is well under way and summer is close upon on its heels, just a few weeks away! It’s time to start getting into shape for the hotter months and what better way to do that than by getting busy in the garden! All that weeding, digging, planting and raking will keep you active for hours, plus it’s great for your mental health too. Plenty of outdoor activity  means your garden will  be shaping up well for summer.  Check out our guide below about what to plant throughout the different regions:


I) Warm areas

In the warmer areas of Australia, typically the northern and central regions, there is plenty of planting to be done! Herbs are good for your health and great in your garden (some can even deter bugs!). Basil, parsley and coriander should be in the ground. As for vegetables, it’s time to get planting lettuce, beans and zucchini, and there is still time for tomatoes,  but you’ll have to be quick! As the temperatures rise, don’t forget to top up the mulch to help retain  moisture for your plants and to protect your garden from invading weeds. Most weeds also thrive in the heat!


II) Temperate zones

In the more temperate areas, such as along the coast   south of Brisbane and Perth to around Sydney and Adelaide herbs are still on the garden menu! Basil, parsley and mint can once again get growing, great for salads, smoothies and iced tea over summer! Other great salad ingredients that can go in include capsicums, chilies, cucumber, rocket, lettuce, tomatoes and sweetcorn. Finally, for some healthy additions to the summer barbeque get planting eggplant, zucchini and squash.


III) Moderate to cool areas

In southern areas such as around Melbourne, up to Canberra and down to Tasmania, it’s time for planting dill, parsley, oregano, rosemary and thyme. As for vegetables, there is a larger variety of plants that can go in the ground in these regions, providing you with a great range of healthy vegetables throughout summer and into autumn. Capsicum, chilies, beetroots, carrots, cucumber, eggplants, lettuce, potatoes, pumpkins, leeks, squash, sweetcorn and zucchini are all on the menu. Soil and air temperatures are warming up so it’s the perfect time to plant! Just be sure to prepare the soil well, removing weeds and debris before planting.

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