Flower Power

Flower Power

As the days begin to lengthen, the end of winter is finally in sight! What better way to welcome in the spring than by having a garden blooming with colour. Even the spring rains won’t be able to bring you down if you can look out onto a rainbow of blossoms. Flowers are not only capable of cheering us up; they also have many other wonderful powers. These multitasking plants will give you endless joy in your garden!

Vegetable patch

Adding flowering plants around the borders of your vegie garden will help attract pollinators and good bugs such as ladybirds and praying mantises into your plot. Bees are essential to a healthy garden, and they are a sign of a healthy environment. Certain flowers and fragrant plants also help keep away harmful bugs like white cabbage moths. Planting white pansies or other white flowering plants and fragrant herbs like dill, mint or sage near cabbages helps to deter white cabbage moths. Lavender is excellent at repelling moths and fleas and protects from whiteflies. Nasturtiums  deter aphids, cucumber beetles and whiteflies if planted in between tomatoes and cucumbers.

House bound

Cutting flowers from your own garden can be a great source of pride and joy. They bring a beautiful splash of colour to any room, and are particularly stunning in minimalist rooms where they can act as eye-catching feature pieces.  A well-arranged vase at the centre of the table is always a talking point, and something to be particularly proud of if they come from your very own garden. Heady scented flowers such as fragrant roses or hyacinths can offer visitors a perfumed welcome if placed  near the front entry.  

Preparation is key!

Picking beautiful blooms that come from your garden means putting in a little extra effort in advance. So start thinking now about what flowers you want to see on your table ! August is a good time in warmer regions to get a start on planting flowers, but in colder or more temperate climates of Australia, gardeners will have to wait a few more weeks. Still, there are other tasks you can do now to ensure your spring flowers look amazing. Prepare beds by turning soil, breaking up large sods and mixing in organic matter like compost, blended animal manure and mulch. Kill off weeds using a weedkiller like Roundup that breaks down on contact with the soil.

Newly planted perennials will take a good year to get established, but by the second year they should be exploding with colour. If you want spring-flowering bulbs to pop up in your garden, unfortunately it’s a bit late as they need to be planted in autumn. But remember to note it on your calendar for next year!

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