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Winter planting, harvesting, garden maintenance

Winter is here… and due to Australia’s varying  climatic zones, planting can continue in some regions throughout this chilly period. That said, low  temperatures can still be problematic and gardeners  in cold areas may be better off planning and preparing for the spring and summer seasons to come. 

Pruning and sowing for summer growth Late Winter is no time to slack off in your garden! Putting in some work now will have you in a great position for when summer arrives, and the less work you have to do in summer, the more barbeques you can enjoy!
Flower Power As the days begin to lengthen, the end of winter is finally in sight! What better way to welcome in the spring than by having a garden blooming with colour. Even the spring rains won’t be able to bring you down if you can look out onto a rainbow of blossoms.
Killing weeds in lawns and grass Eradicating weeds from  the lawn can be a daunting task, particularly if your lawn is overrun with them. However, ignoring lawn weeds can lead to the problem getting out of control
What is the best time to kill weeds? When it comes to every gardener’s worst enemy - weeds - prevention is always better than cure! 
Stubborn tree stumps? Use Systemic root killer When summer rolls around you want to enjoy the hard work and time you have spent on preparing and maintaining your garden. 
Taking care of tomatoes Tomatoes are a great summer plant and can yield amazing quantities if well cared for. 

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